Dedicated servers launches two games

When I launch a dedicated server it launches ue4 game and the server can someone explain this?

You mean packaged game when you run dedicated server it also runs the client? Or you mistakly think that listen server is dedicated server? ;p Hmmm try running it via command line according to this, ofcorse just with you game exe and without ProjectName argument:

UE4Game.exe MapName -server -log

Wow thanks you saved me a bunch of time I kind of though that was happening but I wasn’t sure, Wanting on these super long compile times I’ll tell you if everything is great!!

Well, I did that I think you gave me a good clue but it’s still running two instances. I cooked correctly, I launch only with server, It’s my constructor in my game mode and I’m not to sure why that’s being called twice??? unless it switching levels only thing I can think which theirs only one… confusing…

Constructor of all UObjects are called when class default object is created on engine initation, 2nd time might be when GameMode object is created for server. in UObject constructor should contain only defaults as 1. object is not fully initiated at that stage 2. constructor indeed can be executed beyond gameplay code which also can cause crashes 3. it can deform default object which might cause wierd spawn states. Initiation code should be in any initiation event like BeginPlay (game only including play in editor) or PostInitializeComponents (both editor and play) for Actors or PostInitProperties in non-Actor UObjects, object and actors have various other events like that so you can inject code on any stage of object creation.

This happens to be the answer to the problems I was having. Thank you!!! Confusing with other things had something going on. but this is the solution.