Dedicated Servers hosting mods

Can someone give me a little assistance with the dedicated server command line to host a mod. I have a friend who wants to host my mod, but he’s not sure if it will change/adjust his normal settings. Specifically, his server setting are all set into the .ini file, and not the command line. He doesn’t want those to be adjusted because of the mod. Would using this in the command line affect the .ini file (does the Gamemode_BP file override the .ini file?):

“ShooterGameServer.exe” /Game/Mods/481131515/LaunchModMap?listen?ModId=481131515

And is that actually the correct launch command for the server… thank you for any assistance you give.

Can you bring up “showmyadminmanager” and see what the running server stats are? You’ll quickly be able to see what the .ini file specified… vs what the mod specified… and see which one took precedence.

I would, if i were the admin of the server. He is hesitant to initiate the launch of the mod because he doesn’t want it messing up the server in some way.

He can backup his server data by copying the \steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\SavedArks folder.

I’ve just cooked a mod that overwrites stuff like DinoDamageMultiplier, XP Multiplier etc. etc… the settings you find in the in-game menu and in the dedicated server GameUserSettings.ini file.

I can confirm BOTH solo hosted and dedicated server will override the mod settings.

So your friend doesn’t need to worry about the preferred server settings being messed up by your mod.

Awesome, thank you guys!