Dedicated Servers and Steam Game Server Login Tokens


First off, we have been able to package and deploy a dedicated server of our game on Steam. It works well, but only as long as a Steam client is running in the background. Clearly, this is not what anyone wants when you intend to host several dedicated servers if this would mean one Steam account per server.

We have come across the Steam Game Server Login Token system which enables one Steam account to spawn as many as 1000 game servers. However, searching answerhub, the forums and on Google does not come up with any information on how to use these token with UE4. I also went through the Steamworks SDK and UE4 code and could not find any place where the engine would call the function which takes a token.

My next attempt was to check if tokens can be read from disk, pretty much as it works with steam_appid.txt but couldn’t find any information on that either.

So here’s the question: is it even possible to use game server login tokens with UE4 or is there any other way to successfully host dedicated servers with Steam without the need for a Steam client running in the background?


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Check this How to Setup the Steam Game Server Token - YouTube then put generated token into api function