Dedicated Server WITH Steam Issue


I have a dedicated server set up for my game but I need to run the server and the game without the “-nosteam” launch argument so that the players can connect to the server via IP address and not Steam.

Whenever I run the game/server with “-nosteam” the server and client loads into the game fine so there is no issue, but I need Steam to be loaded so that I can identify users SteamID’s in game. Removing “-nosteam” basically is blocking connections so I can’t join anymore.

I think it’s something to do with GameNetDriver, IpNetDriver and SteamNetDriver, but I don’t know what to change or what is the issue stopping me from connecting.

-nosteam log:

LogNet: GameNetDriver IpNetDriver_2147482578 IpNetDriver listening on port 7777

without -nosteam log:

GameNetDriver SteamNetDriver_2147482578 IpNetDriver listening on port 7777

Any help appreciated, thanks.

Bumping as I really need help on this.

Perhaps this can be of some use: SteamCore & Dedicated Server - eelDev

Will this plugin allow direct IP connecting to dedicated server as well as being able to use Steam features? Cause other plugins you can’t connect to dedicated servers via IP with Steam. Just wondering, thanks.

Yes you can, use the Traditional setup in that link I posted