[DEDICATED SERVER] Use Own Database??

Hi so i’m using version 4.13.2 of the engine and i’ve some questions.

When i Play my game through the engine with the ‘dedicative server’ and ‘standalone’ options it kind of begomes buggy

I start with 2 clients and i have them go through a Login Level(Login Widget with requests using VarestPlugin to chek user and pwd) and when i log into one and loads the map, the second one goes to the map too, i think it has something to do with Or replicates or with(my guess) a own authentication used by the dedicative server but i’m so confused i dont know were to start

Here are some images

Here is when i press play

When i Login with the credentials that i use on my own database(using VaRestPlugin Request) and then it returns sucsessfull it puts both players(instead of only the logged in one) on the game/map but not on the same World

This is my level Blueprint(I’m kind of confused because i think the level blueprint only runs on the server but…)

This is the login Widget(Interface)

After checking if the usr and pwd input in the textbox is iqual to the values in the database it runs this code

It checks if there is already an session created ifnot it creates on if yes it joins an created session here is each code

Please bare your mind i’m no newbie but i’m no expert either

1.Why does it load both clients?
2.Even if it loads both why not on the same world?
3.How can i maniplulate each unique ID?
4.Can i Use the id’s on my own database and each account’s values ?

PS:I dont use any authentication tokens because this is a game to be build to play with friends (I dont give a … about they trying to reverse engineer the stuff (they won’t) )

Thanks in Advanced