Dedicated server & Source

Is it ABSOLUTELY Necessary to work in source if I plan on setting up a dedicated server?

I keep working on a project and every turn i read that I dont need to work in source, and then i read i have to work in source.

My goal is to have a multiplayer game with like a 1v1 or 2v2 game, and have people connect remotely i guess as “Clients”.

I really don’t want to have to recbuild and start over in a source build again =(

A dedicated server is normally built from source afaik. Overall though, I would describe the path your taking as making life as difficult for yourself as possible. :stuck_out_tongue: You’re flicking between so many disparate elements of game dev all the time. One week its split-screen, another online-multiplayer, another widgets, then EOS, while also having to bug test on binary and source builds.

So I say just make the f’in game! :wink: Create a working prototype and see if there’s any interest. Then go from there. In general, you’re doing everything backwards. But hey its good ‘Reality-TV’ for spectators. :smiley: For starters, why are you discounting Listen-Servers, even during development? Why not stick to a binary build for now, and just get the prototype nailed. Then build up a community, and get testers / gamers onboard to play the game. Then you can start to gauge user feedback.

The biggest problem with multiplayer is not meeting player expectations early on, and then killing the game off right there. Gamers can be a selfish / self-entitled / ungrateful bunch.:mad: So, are you planning on paying for hosting or what? If so, that’s not cheap. Then you still have to find a player-base. This is the biggest own goal of all. Devs often hire someone on the marketing / community manager side to help out, or bribe an influencer to kick-start things. So what’s your plan?

Otherwise players just sit there endlessly in a queue waiting for other players to show up - that don’t. Its a good idea to read Indie reviews to see some of the problems with aspiring multiplayer. Personally, I love multiplayer though, as its really hard to make games with interesting AI / bots. But its cursed! So why are you making a multiplayer game anyway, what’s pushing you? Most devs on here will advise you to go and make something easier instead when you’re starting out…:wink:

I truly appreciate your input. I am not trying to make the next “fortnite” lol. I am actually just learning for myself. The end goal actually isn’t to make the game public atm. I am just trying to learn and hone my skills little by little.

Yes I have researched server costs and such. I just want to get a deep understanding of how UNREAL works, for WHEN I want to make a public game I know the path to follow. This is why I am PURPOSEFULLY testing my own limits every day.

It is ***-backwards I agree LOL

I want to make sure for when i am building a legit game, that I have everything sorted out engine wise, server wise, concept and blueprints etc.

My goal right now is to be able to install a built game on mine and my friends pc and battle it out and test. I apologize if I seem scatter brained, I just enjoy learning the inner workings and testing things ;_)

I actually would RATHER do a listen server.

Dedicated Server… You need a Source Build, and C++ based project. C++ based doesn’t mean no blue prints.…ers/index.html

Prototype… Build, Play, Learn, Refine… Build, Play, Learn, Refine… Build, Play, Learn, Refine

For learning stick with listen server. Once you have a solid foundation jump to source and dedicated. Put what you learned to action in a new project.

edit … Just to note I personally prototype in BP. Usually in a different project.

  • Fundamentals
  • Refine, make it as simplistic and straightforward as possible
  • Refine, Performance and efficiency
  • Port

If it runs at high performance in BP it’ll be nuclear in C++

Thanks!!! I am studying “listen” servers and triggering things with console commands( I think thats the core of listen servers in BP. I am sorta understanding how to get the “listen” aspect to work, the logic is still unclear to me on sessions and BP. You know i need that one thing to make it click for me. Lol thanks!