Dedicated Server Setup

I’m having trouble trying to find an official guide to how to actually set up a dedicated server file that can be run on a server. I’ve found some community made guides but they aren’t really up to date. Since there are some cool networking features added to the new version i was wondering if there is something like that. If anyone can give me any pointers on how to go about this, it would be really appreciated.

I’m wondering the same, quite mad with the lack of proper tutorials though, ue4 must step up their game so ppl dont switch back to unity.

What is wrong with official guide ? It worked for me to set up for 4.20 . They also have livestreams with the new stuff that come out, last one was with the new network features, you should check them out.

Hi, thanks for replying. It says on that page that it works up to 4.18, can you tell me which method you used for target file because there is none for 4.19 and 4.20?

4.19 and 4.20 target file is the same as 4.18 target file instructions. Basically duplicate Editor target file and replace Editor with Server in filename and everywhere inside the file and that’s it.

Alright man, I will try this out. Thanks!

Can you help me out? I am not sure how to host for friends. According to the guide, i just need to pack the project with my public IP. But what do i do with the server exe and server - map exe? Where do i put them and should i put it in the version i am sending my friends in binaries/win64?

Local works fine, however when i pack with my public IP it doesn’t work. Connecting doesn’t work as nothing shows in the logs and the client only sees a black screen (empty map). Please help?

If anyone comes across this problem, make sure to do port-forwarding and it will work.

Hi dude, i have the same problem in my dedicated server. Try to lunch the server.exe with -log and see if receive some connection from client

Here’s a link to the Unreal Wiki. It’s a long and complex process.

If anyone is interested in seeing the step-by-step code changes needed to take the default ThirdPerson (C++) project as of Unreal Engine 4.22.3 from the directions in this tutorial:

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I put up a public github repo with final release build for windows (x86_64 + server + client) as well as a linux (aarch64 + client) here:

GitHub - rockhowse/UE4DedicatedServer: Simple dedicated server implementation based on the Third Person C++ example included with Unreal Engine 4

You should be able to inspect all the source and check the various branches/commit history to see exactly what was changed.

Hi, this one works

You have to join the org first

Then it will work

the link given from the beginning of the tutorial:

by github does not work an idea? :

No the link github is not good