Dedicated Server - Server Browser


I have created a Steam Dedicated server with no problem. I was able to host it on another machine and connect to it using command line. My question is how do i get the server browser to work using this dedicated server?

I have looked at the Steam server browser in the marketplace but that did not work. That also does the create session , find session , and join session when you are doing the open ip?listen command.

But how do i do that with dedicated server?

Anyone? I want to use a dedicated server in the server browser.

Out of the box steam intergration with blue prints will not work for dedicated servers. It’s using presence with is a lobby based mode so to speak. Meaning client needs to be logged into steam to broadcast it’s listen server to steam.

There was some work for dedicated servers on an old pr.


Do you know a way to get this to work?

Or what system was used to accomplished this ?

If you haven’t already, get UWorks.
It makes it a lot easier to get a list of servers from Steam.

Also makes it easier to get your server to show up on Steam :slight_smile:

Does this work with dedicated servers?

Yes, UWorks will allow you to get your dedicated server on Steam and get a list of your servers from Steam, thusly:

I will def. buy this when is it coming out?

On marketplace?
I do not know.
Soon ™ ?