Dedicated Server Question

How many sessions can the unreal engine dedicated server handle? My end goal is to have a game similar to Division/Destiny when a player connects he or she connects into a server to play the game and as friends connect the game gets harder. I would like to stick with dedicated servers instead of pier to pier which I feel can cause issues when you start getting over 4 players. My original plan was to have a generic server that the player connects it creates an instance of the dedicated server. But if the unreal dedicated server can handle more than one session it may remove the need of creating multiple instances.

If I understand your question correctly, you are asking about concurrent players?

I once read a post here by Epic that stated that their dedicated server could handle as many players as the server hardware was capable of.

I know someone with their own beefy hardware who connected 500+ players to a bare map before the server crashed.

I think the standard answer is 65.

In 4.19, that’s supposed to be raised to 100.

This, of course, all depends on many factors. Everything has to be optimized to push the upper limits.

Sounds good. Can a dedicated server have more than one session. For example p1 creates a session and p2 creates their own session. Along comes player 3 and 4 who connect to p1 session. Is my understanding that a session is no more than a instance of the game running in a client server model on the dedicated server?