Dedicated server on Steam -- How to set server name and game name?

How do I set the server name and game name that shows up on the Steam server browser? Right now, the server name is some sort of long integer and the game name is “Unreal Test!”. (It sorta looks like these are hard coded in the engine.)

Have you tried this when creating your session…t/2/index.html


FName SERVER_KEY = TEXT("ServerKey");
FString ServerName = FString(TEXT("name for your server"));
SessionSettings.Set(SERVER_KEY, ServerName, EOnlineDataAdvertisementType::ViaOnlineServiceAndPing);

// create your session

and when you want to look for it (callback from OnFindSessionsCompleteDelegates)…Get/index.html

FServerData Data;

FString ServerName;
SessionSettings.Get(SERVER_KEY, ServerName);

Data.Name = ServerName;

// now you can display Data.Name and it will be "name for your server" (or whatever you put for FString ServerName when creating the session)