Dedicated Server needed for match making?

So I got my game working online in a peer to peer setting. First a player hosts a game, then the other player must join via command console "Open hosts ip address:7777. So the next step is how do I get match making to work? Without the Joiner typing in by hand the exact ip address of the host there doesn’t seem to be any access to internet land. That is, if I host a game and someone else “Search Sessions” then nothing comes up…it isn’t until the port is put into the console command that the connection is made.

Do I have to create a dedicated server to act as a bridge between the players looking to join a game and the players hosting games? Any help is appreciated, this is the game I have on the horizon

So a server list is what you want? Then yes you would need server but not a “dedicated” one, any webserver could do that even a raspberry pi in your basement. How to setup one isnt unreal specific there is tons of tutorials out there for it.

A second option would be to use an online subsystem like steam wich can do theese things aswell.