Dedicated Server Management Tool?

Hi guys, I want to know if exist some management/monitor tool solution, or something like that, for ue4 dedicated server. For example, suppose that I goind to host and run one dedicated server instance in AWS, for example (or any other hosting). Now, I want to have some way to management/monitor that dedicated server instance, see the logs in realtime, stop, restart that process, maybe get the list of all the connected players etc . . .

For example, my first experience with multiplayer games server was with Smart Fox Server (a long time ago), and this server has a great webadmin tool with a lot of options to management and monitor the server. See the image attached. So my question is:

Exist something like that for unreal engine dedicated server ? from epic or a third party solution ?

Will be great if Epic guys share at least in general, how they management and monitor the dedicated server instance in Fortnite, or Paragon or Gear of War. I know that it is too much ask :slight_smile: but will be great if you guys can share at least some tips on this.

Best regards.

someone ? :frowning:

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bump, bump … :frowning:

I would like to know this too. I’m currently going through the unfortunately complicated 30 step process of building my “blueprint only” game as a dedicated server so that I can test basic network functionality. I have never read and watched so many tutorials in my life and still don’t have a firm grasp of networking basics. There seems to be a lack of documentation about dedicated servers in UE in general? I would like to know if there is anyway to launch a new dedicated server instance when a client starts a game and any ways to manage the dedicated servers directly through Unreal. All the tutorials I have seen on dedicated servers end with the server being successfully started from a windows shortcut but no mention of how to control these servers in game.

Maybe some guy from Epic staff can point us in the right direction. I want to know at least if exist some private tool or if they are working in something free. Because Paragon, Fortnite, Gears … probably they use some management tools for that.

bump, bump … someone (maybe from Epic staff) can point me in the right direction ??