Dedicated Server in UE's binaries

Please, add the Dedicated Server component to prebuilt UE4 binaries, available from Epic Launcher, at least as optional component (like different target platforms, sources, starter content etc). I’m really in need of autonomous server in several of my education projects, but my i5-7400 is not too tough to rebuild UE4 editor in less than 7 hours, which result the loss of whole work day. ((

Yes I’m aware about the command line “-server” option, but it doesn’t work the same way with packaged game, as with Editor. When I use it with my packaged binary it still lunches a client together with server, so it’s no use for me, because my packaged server version are running on non-desktop environments.

For what’s is worth, on this CPU you should be able to build the entire editor in 1-2 hours. Also, it would be much faster if you’d throw away plugins you never use, i.e. VR, AR, mobile.
Mhm… wait, isn’t server can build only in non-editor version? It should be even faster.

Are you using SSD?

Can’t imagine building even only “Development Editor” in less than 6 hours.

I use Linux, Windows, Android targets, together with VR.
But maybe I can disable some other plugins. How to do it before compiling (from VS)?

To package my project with headless server binary, I need to build “Development Server” module once, after each update.

Yes I’m on MLC-type SSD.

Afaik you don’t need to rebuild UE4 for that. You only need to compile the project itself.
And to do that you need a *Server.Target.cs which can be written manually or generated:

Ofcourse I have this Server Target Script, but it doesn’t seamed to work on binary version of UE (from launcher)
Do you you still use github or launcher version of UE? You saying in readme of your script generator, it can be used with non-c++ version of a project. Is this means it can be used with prebuild ue version?

Trying to use the Server Target build script on launcher version, and when attempting to package, getting this error. Do I have change any project configurations?