Dedicated server fps drop.

I came across something strange. When I run multiplayer game with 2 clients and dedicated server, I have constant fps drop. It starts from 70, than after some time drops to 20, and goes lower. Stat game shows that “Net PackageMap SerializeObject” with subcategory “Recreate” consumes more and more ms. Also “Post Tick Component Update” consumes more ms. It only happens with dedicated server. When I have 2 players, and one of them is server, that is not happening. Anyone have a clue what that may be?

I have the same problem except I notice it on both dedicated and listen server settings.

-Frame rate starts off at about 80fps and within a time period of about 15 minutes (I timed it) slowly drops from 80fps down to 28 fps. From my tests, once it hits 28fps it stays there and doesn’t drop further. If I stop the game, and re-start it (in play editor)…the fps goes back up to 80fps and slowly starts dropping again. So a restart of the play simulation also restarts the frame rate speed. The drop is linear and non-random, it drops by the same amount steadily. The drop also seems un-effected by game play or content on screen. Whether the character is standing idle or moving around and interacting with objects, the frame rate drop rate is the same.

I noticed in the Unreal Setting for “Use Single Process” there is a small warning that sais: “Spawn multiple player windows in a single instance of UE4. This will load much faster, but has potential to have more issues.”. As I haven’t tested outside of the single process I am not sure if this is just one of those “issues” it is referring to and isn’t a problem with the programming in the game itself or if something in the programming is causing this to happen.

Does anyone know if this is common when using a single process when simulating multiplayer or know any common programming errors that could cause something like this to happen?

Any insight would be appreciated.

Doesn’t happen to me personally, using any PIE / MP combination with or without single process.

What’s the memory usage like? Could be a memory leak causing the slow down, since it seems to be serializing more and more objects over time. Easiest way to find out is go to Editor Prefs -> Show Frame Rate and Memory and see if the object count starts skyrocketing for some unknown reason. You’ll have to use Listen Server for that to show anything though.