Dedicated Server for shared VR expereiences

Hi Guys,

I’m looking to create shared VR experiences anyone can access from anywhere.

As most of the people I collaborate with sit behind company firewalls etc. I’m looking for a ways I can utilise things like the “Collaboration Viewer Template” over the internet with the most accessibility possible.

The P2P thing creates tons of issues with IT having to unblock ports to let stuff through etc. which a lot of the people I work with aren’t able to do.

Would hosting something like the “Collaboration Viewer Template” online, Dedicated Server, allow my users to connect easier, would it be possible?

Currently the, manual IP, join button does absolutely nothing… and if it did I imagine we would run into the problems mentioned above.

Whats the best way of doing this?

Would I still need to build from source(4.24)?

Can I still use the collaboration viewer template, would that work?

What type of things am I missing or need to consider?

I’m thinking I can just throw an instance up on my web hosting/website and bobs your uncle…

As always any and all help is much appreciated.