Dedicated Server Explanation(sessions, steam)

Hi all,

I would like to ask for some explanation about dedicated servers please. We would like to make online game where players will join to dedicated server and play with others(example games would be arc, rust, etc). Last 3 days i was looking for some good tutorials and help on the internet how to archive this, but without really success. Sure there is panty of tuts how to make dedicated server but not even one cares how exactly it is work and for which kind of game suits it or give some explanation. So please if anyone have a time and experience answer my question it will be much appreciated. I have seen so many question about this topic but with little explanation or even some good info… :frowning:

  1. So far im capable of is Make dedicated server and join to some IP(however how to make a session do i even need to make a session for make it work?
  2. do i need to create session to make dedicated server work on steam ? (for game types like rust,arc…) If so how to create session on which map bp ?
  3. do i need to build evrything from source ? (as far as understand to make ded server i need to build it from source, i got it and it works, but do i need to build all from source ??)
  4. is the some good tutorial which explaining steam problematic implementation for ded servers ? (i have seen so many questions but without proper answers really)
  5. how to make dedicated server with parameters where i can let ppl choose their server name, port, player count, etc…
  6. hot secure dedicated server. For example how to save and load some secure way inventory from player or position? I mean can this be done from only for server ? I was thinking on ded server make a loop and go thought all logged user and save things… It seem that UE4 from default is not capable to do it or?

Dont get me wrong, im not Total noob just looking for some good person who can explain everything in details…

Than you in advance

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