Dedicated Server Builds

Can anyone please create a step by step guide on how we create dedicated server builds now? I’ve tried 4 different ways but all the guides are so outdated and obsolete apparently.


We’ve been building our dedicated server with Jenkins since 4.8 using the method outlined in the various tutorials and I don’t think much has changed. What specific problems are you having?

Well for starters, I can’t download the source off Github even after adding my github name to my profile. :confused:

The steps outlined for getting the source in the tutorials are fairly straightforward. At what specific point in the process are you having difficulty?

To build dedicated server for your game, you need Unreal Engine built from GitHub source. After adding GutHub username you should get a email notifying you that you are invited to join Epic Games Organization. Click that link to join (make sure you are logged into GitHub). After that, you can download or clone the Unreal Engine repository from this link

Thanks! I had to search for the email, didn’t realize it took a couple days to get added, downloading the source now!