Dedicated Server Build Video Request

This is a general request for help regarding the dedicated server and a request for anyone to create a video on how to turn the Vehicle Demo into a Dedicated Server.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that is having a hard time getting to grips with this procedure.

I’ve looked into these following examples and I’ve gone through them 3 times without success
I’ve been developing for many years but have got stuck with this one, here are those links I’ve triied so far.

I got close a couple of times last attempt caused CBO Constructor Error and could not find a lot of the files

The whole operation takes several hours to complete so I appreciate the effort involved in creating such a tutorial video.

I will try this again as my company has just decided to go with UnrealEngine for there first release.
Many Dedicated Servers are going to be required for our game so I need to nail this procedure down and get my head around how UnrealEngine wants me to do it.

Thank you

Having done this a second time and getting the same CDO Construct errors I’m finding the whole process of creating the dedicated server a little overwhelming. I appreciate this is a learning curve, but its very steep.

This is having a negative effect on the choice for running with UE4 despite the incredible engine for visuals and tools.

Creating the servers is a big thing for our game as we need many servers for all the zones in our game, We have these servers already up and running in a basic format within Unity.

I do want to keep at this, and should there be anyone out there that can make the video that would be an incredible help to every new developer of this amazing engine.

Please take a look at this Epic as I would say this is the biggest bottle neck in the learning curve for using Unreal Engine for commercial applications and the decision making process I need to make for our companies choice of engine.

Thank you
Now I must get back to learning UE4

With a big Thank You to IanBerg here is a video tutorial on creating the dedicated server