Dedicated server and OnlineSubsystem to add Voice Chat

Hello everyone. I’m trying to add Voice Capture in my GoogleVR (android) project, but i’m having issues with the OnlineSubsystem and my dedicated server.

My dedicated server works fine. It runs on a computer and i can connect correctly with my mobiles. I saw many tutorials that explain how to setup my project to allow Voice Chat (that’s done), and understood that I also need to setup OnlineSubsystem (Null in my case, because I want it to works in LAN in a first place) in order to create sessions and make the Voice Capture works.

But every tutorials I saw (for example this one Multiplayer Sessions in Unreal Engine 4 - Couch Learn) look like OnlineSubsystem works like a listen server, where a client create a hosting session to allow an other client to connect. So I am asking if it is possible to create an OnlineSubsystem session using a dedicated server ? And how can I manage to do this using blueprints ?

Thank you for any help !

Ok so even if I still don’t have the answer to my question, I’ve found a way to create a session in my dedicated server, so the Voice chat works now on Windows thanks to the tutorial I provided.

Hi! I know this has been posted a while ago, but I am trying to do the same right now (Dedicated Server + OnlineSubsystem + Voice Chat)! How did you do it? Thanks!

How did you do that can you please share?