Dedicated Server and network programming

I am just getting started with the Unreal Engine after a few tutorials and getting the basics of how to work with the C++ code. I am very programming oriented and while I understand Blueprinting, I still rather focus as much attention as I can in the underlying code level, but I am flexible enough to work in both. What I am wondering is if there are any tutorials and information out there where I can start looking into creating a dedicated server and having a client connect to it and slowly working off of that. Trying to create a small death match style game that can work with either bots or players and just looking for a good starting point.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The sad thing is that Epic games is currently showing very little support for C++ programming :frowning: There is a blueprint tutorial handling networking on their youtube channel, maybe you could try getting inspired by that. You will need to call some RPC (replicate functions), lets hope they post a C++ tutorial for networking in the near future.
Check out this link:

We certainly plan to add more information for networking in C++, Billy talked a bit about it here:

Any update on that? I am also looking for a c++ version of the blueprint networking tutorial, that would be great.

Hi everyone,
for those who are here because of a searchresult on ‘network tutorials in unreal engine’, i post some helpful links:
For Starters:

Code Examples:

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Have you thought about using a BaaS to build and mantain all of your game’s server-side components?
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From your website, RealTime services is only available to “selected customers” and it’s only available for Unity.
I would love to see your RTS available for UE4