Dedicated Server and Game Mode

I’ve been playing with UE4 the last few weeks and I’m using software that requires security keys to run server-level functionality. In order to use that functionality, there is a security key that must be used when calling their API functions.

I’m trying to wrap my head around where to store the variable.

When you build a client, does the game mode get included in the build or does it just package the function calls (custom [run on server] events). I wasn’t sure if you could store sensitive data in game mode and it might only include that information in the dedicated server build? Alternatively is it possible to just NULL out the variable on the client build and then any run on server functions would have it in their build eliminating issues.

Just trying to limit possible hacking of the code to get sensitive keys.

That may not have made any sense. :slight_smile:

Thanks for any feedback!