Dedicated Server AI

Hello folks!

I am having a problem with my AI. if i test with it with dedicated server options marked, the ai wont walk at all and will stay on the same place. if i use a listem server it works like a charm. what is the problem? what i am missing? all the logic is on a custom AI controller called AI MIND.

Thanks in advance!

Your AI is spawning or they are already in the Level? if you spawn your AI try using (Spawn Default Controller) at the end of the spawn actor node… Maybe your AIController is not working…When using spawn actor from class for AI the AIController will not work but if you use SpawnAI node it should be fine… depend if you need variables expose on spawn of your AI, if so you need to use spawn actor from class and Spawn default controller node.

Same here any Ideas? 4.24 version here.