Decrement int BP macro does not work

When fired, DecrementInt macro does not seem to do anything. IncrementInt works fine, and same graph using get, subtract and set nodes instead of DecrementInt worked.

Hi Acriax,

Thanks for report! This is a known issue that has already been reported in our system (UE-15560). fix should be included in a future release, probably 4.9.

In meantime, it’s a pretty simple fix in Blueprints. In your Content Browser, click View Options button in lower right corner, and enable Show Engine Content. Then select Engine Content folder and search for Standard Macros. Open up Standard Macros, and under Math > Integer, you’ll see DecrementInt macro. Double click it to open its graph, and change 0 to a 1. Save and close, and you’re good to go! Note that it’s wise to hide Engine Content again after this change, as messing around in here can really mess up editor.

Hope that helps!

Lol, was messing around and went into system macros, and saw that decrement int subtracts by 0, so silly :slight_smile: