Decreasing Load Times

I’m working with Paper2D for a simple 2D puzzle game. I have basic sprites (solid colors) and some UMG widgets on the screen for each level, and that is it.

Loading a new level (using the Open Level node) or restarting a level (using the console command) takes between 1-2 seconds. While not terribly long, for what my game is, I think this seems a little bit too long.

Are there some options I can change to help decrease my load times? Or perhaps there are just some elements that I can remove from my game that would help?

I’m interested in this as well as my 3d board game takes the following load times:

iphone5: ~18s
iphone5s: ~10s
ipadair2: ~5s

I would like to improve these times at least a little bit especially for the iphone5. From the other forum post about the gamecenter login seems like startup may have been modified a little so I haven’t tested yet with 4.9 preview to see if there is a difference.

Increasing my max FPS helped the load times by a little bit, making them seem a bit more reasonable.

Something strange I noticed, however, is that the load times on the iPhone 4s are less than those of the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 5’s load times are less than those of the iPhone 6’s. Does anyone know why this would be?

Edit: Disabling “forward rendering” in iOS settings reduced the loading times on the iPhone 6 by a very significant amount.