Decrease size of APK Memory Game

I made a game with the help of Unreal programmers using the memory game. I altered some of the blueprints and added about 30 images for cards and erased the old images. I am not a programmer and I thought everything was working when I exported the Android version (all). There were two options to export that I knew about and one left the obb file separate which I thought would be best. After exporting numerous times the APK file is 15mgb but the .obb file is 362mgb? Why is it so massive?

I packaged them together so the APK and OBB files are one and it is 347mgb. Can anyone shed some light on tutorials or instructions. I will post more information if you would like but tell me how to get that information please. Any help would be great as I have been working on this for 4 days now. Thanks

Howdy Airwaves,

Have you attempted to build your project using something other then the Android (all) packaging? With Android (all) packaging, you are building for all the the options, causing the build to be large. When packaging for a specific device, the file size will be significantly smaller then with all.

Thanks and have a great day!

I tried using the ETC1 and it went down to 117mgb. I think it is something I am doing wrong but I have followed every instruction I can find in the documentation. Another big issue I think it might be is the fact that the folder that contains the memory game is 3.10 GB and I do not know how it grew that big.

I also forgot to ask. If I build for just one type will that mean other phones cannot access it? Thanks

So ATC is 110mgb apk file
ETC2 is 109mgb
DXT is 110mgb
PVRTC is 78 mgb

In some cases, the compression size of the project is the only thing that is affected by the certain build. Here is a Documentation page explaining the differences in builds:

Are the images that you are using a higher resolution then what was previously there? This could create a larger file size as well.

I tried to use small png files but I do have more than what they had. I have about 25 images I believe. I looked in the Asset folder for the game I created and compared it with the regular Memory Game and my asset folder is 25mgb bigger.
I packaged the Memory Game (original) and for ATC I get 78mgb. With DXT I got 78mgb. All of these are still over the limit of the 50mgb playstore upload. Do you know if anyone is getting smaller packages? And if so how?

It could be that this game is just a big game. It does not look like a big one but it might be?

I believe that the issue is the alpha channels in the materials used for this project. Android (ETC1) does not support alpha channels in textures so if the source image contains an alpha channel, it will be stored uncompressed. This could also be true for all android packaging.

If you are not using alpha you may want to make sure you don’t have an alpha channel in the art as this will make the file larger. If you do need alpha, you can split the alpha channel into its own texture and modify your material to sample alpha from the second texture so they can be compressed separately.

Give this a go and let me know the outcome.

I am working on this but I am honestly lost. How do I see if there is an alpha channel or not? Anybody have a link to a page that shows how to do all this? Thanks

Alpha channels are located in the material blueprints. Here is a link to better understand Alpha Channels: Texture Material Expressions in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation

There is also an option in textures that would allow you to compress without Alpha. it is under the Compression Sublevel.

Be sure to let me know if this helps!


Thank you. I found this page as well:

I am going to check “Compress without Alpha” on all materials to see if this helps. I will let you know the sizes once I finish. Thanks

Ok maybe I am misunderstanding something

I have checked the compress without alpha and under ETC1 I still get 116mgb? I have tried to look at all textures to remove an alpha channel but I just cannot find what is so big.

Hey Airwaves,

I went through each texture and enabled the Compress Without Alpha checkbox was able to get the card game down to 65 MB. I will keep looking into the project and let you know if I can get the project a bit smaller.

Sounds good. Your help is awesome!

I have tried everything I know and I have even posted on the forums a post to pay someone to help me decrease the size. No bites on that and I am starting to think that the game was just built kind of big. I am noticing that most games with unreal engine are just bigger but that is not the end of the world in my mind.

I am thinking of just putting in the description of the app download on WIFI
so they save on their data plans. Thank you for your help.

Hey Airwaves,

I was just working on this issue yesterday before I left. Sorry for the lack of response. It seems as though the project is too large. Everything i tried to change had no effect on the size of the project. You may want to try to Build a similar project from scratch and use the memory game as a template for that project, but then again, that may not even help with the size. Adding the 'download on WiFi ’ may be your best bet.


Sounds good. Thank you so much for your help. Consider this answered! You guys rock!