Decouple camera from capsule in a Character blueprint

I’m looking for a way to decouple the camera movement from the capsule in a Third Person Character. Essentially to allow the player to run around (and around the camera) within a certain radius without the camera changing location - and only follow the player if they move beyond this distance.

I want to make use of the character movement component - so building a new pawn from scratch doesn’t seem like the way to go… am I missing a simple solution?


Hi @the_grimmrobe, you could just use a separate camera object with SetViewTargetWithBlendfunction. That’s what I do. Sometimes I use multiple camera objects to switch positions smoothly. Check out Matt’s Tutorial.

Hi @TechLord

Thanks for this - I may need to utilise this strategy for some tricky platforming sections. What I did to solve this particular problem was use DetachFromCompontent on EventBeginPlay - which seems to have worked pretty well - and means I can use the camera that was already in the Character. I think I may have to re-introduce the spring arm though to use all the camera collision stuff.