Can somebody please explain to me how can i bind functions to the delegate i declared

So this was in ActorComponent.h
Then I declared a UPROPERTY also that is
FCharOverlap CharOverlap;

Now i want to bind a function that is present in SomeOtherActor .h
So what i did was inside ActorComponent.cpp beginPlay() i wrote

CharOverlap.AddDynamic(this, &SomeOtherActor::somefunction);

But it shows error saying that AddDynamic is not a member of FCharOverlap
Moreover i dont know what is this doing here why do we need it …
Please help im kinda stuck.

Is it a typo, or did you actually write DYANMIC in your delegate declaration? Also, the method you’re calling says AddDyanmic where as it should be AddDynamic. Please check that this isn’t a typo issue.

Actually i figured it out, actually the typo was in this question not in my code so what i figured out is that the binding operation ie the AddDynamic() should be written in the BeginPlay() of the SomeOtherActor so that the" this" ref points to an instance of the class in which this function exists(the function we want to bind to the delegate).