Deciding Which Game Engine to Use for an Open World/Galaxy Game

Hello, I’m new to this website. After learning many experiences of playing various types of open world games, such as the GTA franchise, Skyrim, Falout, Mafia 3, Watch Dogs 1+2, Minecraft, Far Cry 2-4, Just Cause 2-3, The Crew, and more, I’m currently planning on creating a massive open world/universe game that takes place in a fictional fantasized universe, carrying many types of planets, with different types of terrains, vehicles, characters, and much more. I’m deciding which game engine is best for me to use to create this project, even though I won’t get to that part until later on, since I’m still focusing on the artists, soundtracks, characters, vehicles, and more. Also, if there is anybody who is interested in helping out with my project, that’ll be delighting. I’d like to share my gaming ideas with you, but if you have any suggestion on what game engine is best to use, please feel free to answer. :o

Do you have any previous game development experience?

You can pretty much forget anything you know from playing open-world games, development is a different animal. Since you are asking which engine to use, and this is your first post, I will assume you are new to game development. Myself having years of game development experience, one of the current projects I am working on, I expected to be 2 months of work. 2 years later and here I am, still working on it. I can’t even imagine someone new to game development working on an open-world game in the style of those you listed, as they were developed with budgets in the hundreds of millions, with industry veterans on-board.

You would certainly need a lot of engine work for more complex networking, to fit projects of such scale, and an in-depth knowledge of both development standards and the engine. Unreal is a great engine, but no engine is going to get you a game if you do not have the resources required.

Open world posts never get old :).

There should be a safe space for open world seekers in a dedicated forum section, it will be somewhat fun to browse through them.

i dont know why you guys are giving the OP such a hard time being unhelpful

the answer is very straightforward, go with QUEST3D

it has an excellent ocean shader

personally i am working on a hybrid online MMO and first person shooter using Torque3d but i must admit i am finding a hard time modelling all the cars using the Ogre editor

They’re giving him a hard time because announcing you’re going to make an open world game with little experience is both a terrible idea and something newcomers say a lot. Going open world is a huge task even for a triple-A studio and attempting that when you’re still a novice is a recipe for complete disaster; you won’t get anything done at all. The first thing you learn when starting out is to keep your ambition in check. Better to have someone say “don’t do this, it’s stupid” right away than waste a lot of time on nothing.

Its only wasting time when no learning is occurring. If they never finish and the developers learn a ton, that’s a win.


I think you missed the point that red was being sarcastic :).