Decent road creation? Desperation

Roads have me stumped. I see the spline edit system in landscape management. How to make the splines, lift , extend so forth. How to I think make the land meet up with the splines. I attach a road object to a segment and the road is just in small parts. How do I get a road to follow the spline and look as one part? Does this require extensive blueprints to do this? I bought a couple road packs but they don’t work with 4.13, not even 4.12. Is there a quick and dirty for making roads they automatically cut and lift landscape as you place them, while adding a nice road looking part or material as it goes? Several you tubes out there make it look easy but very little explanation.

I would be using the terrain. With a heightmap imported from World machine, and splatmap for a heightmap blend.

Advise appreciated! Happy to buy a package that does it for 4.13 anything to get past this!


THere is a basic road editor for free under the “Learn” tab in the Unreal Launcher, just scroll right to the bottom.

Spline decals like described here would be a life-saver as well.

thanks will check it out!

Sorry to get your hopes up; those don’t exist yet! I was just lamenting the fact that they don’t. :frowning:

ah yea blueprint splines track 4.11. all good assets seem outdated. is the splines feature in landscape editor enough for good roads? using add geometry to

Generally speaking UE4 doesn’t have anything good for roads. Best way would be a decal along a spline like in cryengine but for now you have to use a road mesh along a spline and try to get used to it. Not convenient.