Decent (but not mega expensive) PC for UE5 dev

I am not a game coder, I am an artist.

Years ago i got into making basic small gameplay maps using UE4.

All I want to do is build spaces, whether an outside environment, an inner city environment or a small UT style enclosed map, maybe set inside a spaceship, moon-base or whatever or a small inner city area map etc

I don’t want to go MEGA deep, but i want it to work fairly smoothly WITHOUT big waiting times for functions to draw or compile or whatever

what PC do I need please?


What’s your budget?

Hi mate, well obviously best i can get for the money. As I said, i just want reasonable smoothness to keep the vibe going, not big waits and stuttering etc.

So i guess what i’m asking is what’s the core base setup you can get away with, but that is NOT constantly frustrating to use.

i can build my own from parts obviously. doesn’t have to be off the peg


reasonable smoothness to keep the vibe going, not big waits

Well put!

That is the question - what is the money? Is your budget $500 or $2500?

sorry mate, notifications not working for this forum (I’m sure i set them on)

thanks for the reply anyways

well i realise a smooth & capable GPU card is going to be about a grand… correct?

Other stuff i’ve sorta picked up in recent months while not really investigating seems to say get a threadripper cpu

then there’s the board & ram, perhaps the least costly bit

and the ssd which apparently is a must now

i used to try to do stuff with UE4 on my iMac (quad core) and it was fine until you tried to do bigger outdoor spaces then it got bogged down & stuff you added like grass & trees etc had no real detail at all. But i could make quite detailed UT maps using BSP objects (BSP? It’s been a while) and textures added to them, lights, etc

but it;s the outdoors, more realistic stuff I;d like to try and make