December #ue4jam, Dec. 8th-12th - THEME: SNOWBALL EFFECT

Not enough snow - Derzo
Age of Snowmpires - Bohrium
Extreme Snowball Tennis - Succubi in Hats

  • We will announce the theme on the December 8th stream, when the jam officially kicks-off.

  • Make an amazing game by yourself or with a team (up to 5) around the given theme in Unreal Engine 4.

  • Submit a download link to the Submission Thread before **midnight on the night of December 11th/ morning of December 12th **including the following:

  • Team Name

  • List of Team Members

  • Name of submission (Please format it with your team’s name attached ex. TeamName_GameName)
    After you post your submission, PM me with the email addresses of your team members (up to 5), the name of your team and the name of your project. That makes it easier to get in contact with everyone, so make sure to send that info over!

  • A small panel at Epic will judge entries on the following criteria:

  • Unique use of theme

  • Fun factor

  • Overall Visuals

  • Detailed rules available here.

  • All submissions will be featured in a highlight reel posted to our YouTube and shown on Twitch.


The top 3 submissions will receive an Epic Swag Box with all sorts of goodies, a “Game Jam Finalist” forum badge, a featured playthrough on the December 22nd Twitch stream, as well as a highlight on Unreal Engine launcher!

In addition to the Epic Swag Box, each member of the winning teams will be receiving 1-year of Houdini Indie (including the Houdini Engine) provided by SideFX. This amazing tool can be used with UE4 through the official Houdini plugin.

Also in addition to the Epic Swag Box, each member of the winning teams will be receiving a free copy of AIPD. You will have a choice of Xbox One, PS4 or Steam keys.

Happy developing, and good luck!

Theme Announce Countdown](
Submission Deadline Countdown](

Streaming your work on Twitch? Let us know so we can follow along!
Are you on Twitter? Show off your work using the #ue4jam]( hashtag!
Make sure you catch all of the livestream playthroughs of the entries once the deadline is up:

**-------- PARTICIPATING TEAMS ****--------
In order to streamline the playing, judging, recording, and winners announcement process, we’re requesting that teams participating in the jam let us know beforehand in order to prepare appropriately for the event. We’ll update the list with links to the games afterwards, too, so everyone can find your title without having to scroll through the whole thread :slight_smile: Pre-registration is not required for entry, and we know people will come in later, but it will greatly aid us in turning everything around quickly. We appreciate your help in making this event awesome :cool:

Please send me a PM with your team name and number of team members and we’ll get you added to the list!

Helpful Links for Jamming!
Official Sites

Getting Started Docs
Top Tips for Game Jams
Wiki Tutorials
Wiki Code Tutorials/Snippets
Training Videos
Tutorials and Guides
Blueprint Getting Started Thread
C++ Getting Started Thread


Unreal Engine’s Official Youtube Channel
Peter L Newton’s Youtube Channel
TeslaDev’s Youtube Channel
Mathew Wadstein’s Youtube Channel
Luos’ Youtube Channel

Tutorials and Guides

Tutorials by Tom Looman
Blueprint Guides by Romero
Gameplay Guides by Kitatus

Free Perforce Hosting for #UE4JAM participants!

#ue4jam time again!!!

For those of you that may not know this, I have been graciously given an Assembla server (aka portfolio) named ue4jam, for, you guessed it… #ue4jam participants.

So what?
Typically, you could get yourself an Assembla account for 7-days for free and you would need to change server info with each new email address provided. But, that’s a lot of hassle if you have no plans on ever committing full-time to Assembla, and really 7-days is sometimes just a bit too short to fully realize what a wonderful service they provide. Especially true when you think about the ease of Perforce source control hosting, its great implementation in UE4, but then add on all the project management tools they provide and it’s easy to see the great value you’re getting.

What do you get out of it?
You and/or your team can relax in regards to source control. Especially if you are a regular participant, I can/will set aside special workspaces for you so that you can use it every month for #ue4jams, so you don’t have to mess around with your settings, anymore than necessary! Forget all about power outages, PC blowing up, or costly server setups! You will not be limited to just 7-days if you decide to continue working on your game, I will keep the repo open for at least another two weeks while you and/or your team decide if you want to pursue something out of your game jam entry or not.

What’s the catch?
No strings attached! You get yourself a free depot to use for the game jam and if you don’t like the service, you never have to see it again OR if you really do like it, you can look at their plans.

Benefits of using Assembla?

  • Perforce, which is implemented very well in UE4 (Currently limited to 500GB of storage for P4 users)
  • Great Customer Service
  • Git (No storage limits)
  • SVN (No storage limits)
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Agile Project Setup: includes tickets/bug reporter, cardwalls/lists(trello/hacknplan-like), time-tracking, content sharing, code reviews, docs(wikis)
  • and much, much more!

Check out their roadmap/cardwall implementation for future implementations/features: Roadmap

So recap time! What do you get with this?

  • 99.99999999999999999% uptime Perforce Depot
  • Ease of use
  • Project Management Tools
  • Regular participants get access to their own server for use every month
  • Super Easy implementation with UE4
  • Extra time to plan for and work on the project, without scrambling about trying to figure out a new source control if the team decides to continue with the game, post #ue4jam

Alright, you got me, I want in!
Great, for the moment, this is what needs to happen:

  • Each team member needs to create their own Assembla account.
  • After that, the team leader (or solo participant) needs to send me each team member’s Username (or themselves) via PM here or Discord Chat (VictorBurgos)
  • Two days prior to the jam I will open up the workspaces for each team/participant so you can start working out any issues you may encounter with the new setup/workflow
  • Post #ue4jam submission time, I will start to clear out depots/repos UNLESS I am asked to give a team more time (team leader needs to message me within 48 hours of a jam endtime: Tuesday, midnight EST)

I will make myself available to help individuals and teams get themselves setup and/or troubleshoot, along with Assembla’s own customer service of course. Youtube tutorial will be up shortly.


[MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION] Not sure if @Allar had planned on coming back this month or not, but I will be streaming the #ue4jam entries on Twitch at midnight EST, Sunday.

You’re right, I just copy/pasted and grabbed that info too. I’ll add a list of streamers instead :smiley:

I’m looking to just make music this time around as that’s what I seemed to enjoy the most last time around. Any teams that have a spare slot for a musician, please PM me.

For examples of my musical work, I did the main level music on this mega jam entry:(twitch link)]( and the music for this cartoon (youtube link).

Also, here’s my Soundcloud page: (soundcloud link)](AG858 | Free Listening on SoundCloud).

Edit: ok, I’m sorted out for a team

Looking for two artists for our team.

Simple requirements:

Know how to use source control, Perforce in this instance.
Know your workflow into UE4.

Hey guys!

This time around I decided to walk out from the shadow and participate in the jam without any doubts in my skills! I’m looking for a team for casual, simple project. Nothing complicated, preferably 2D, NOT a multiplayer game (I can’t code it yet). Many times, my one-person jam efforts ended up in nothing-to-show kind of game so be aware of that I’m still discovering things.

I’m a programmer, yet a student of university, coding in C++ by passion, trying to do games by myself as a hobby.
I’d love to actually work with 2D animators to create something which feels right, classic. For a jam it might be anything, though. I’ve learned that coding is not needed in jams at all, but I can and I will use blueprints. I have some basic skills of perforce.

MegaJam entry (Once And For All):

My last training session (a cube on the platform is the piano):

Nothing special to show yet, but these are my first attempts of finishing anything.
I’m from Poland so CET time of work would fit me the most.

Send me a message if you just wanna have fun during this jam!


Hey there

My name is Michal and I’m looking for team here once again. Last time I found the team through the forums was a win in september jam.
I’m aiming for the environment artist and mostly like to work with the materials.
Would love to work with some team of cool non problematic people to create something finished.
I can fill in art side with some environment animations and materials.

Some examples of my recent progress:

Game jams are a great opportunity to get to know people in the industry and create something fun together.
If You won’t catch me through PM here , You can add me on skype: michal.arendt1

Best wishes,

Art positions filled. Looking for Sound Designer/Composer. Hit me up :slight_smile:

All positions filled.***


I am an artist.

I can do everything, even some blueprints. Looking for a team!

Looking to make a VR specific game as a coder, need an artist. PM me here please! Don’t necessarily need a Vive, but it would be beneficial.
Please be good with low poly, high poly and VR don’t play well.

[MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION] it seems I don’t have permissions to send private messages (I’ve never posted in the forums before, only in AnswerHub). Can you add me to the list?

Team Name: Neuronic
Num Members: 1

Blueprinter looking to team up to do this jam, with anyone who would like to group up

My portfolio can be seen here:

Familiar with git and working with others.

Preferably something semi casual, I can put a lot of time in but my main goal is to learn and have fun

Send me a message if you’re interested!

Experienced UE4 C++ and Blueprint Developer with Perforce experience. Looking for a small scale, minimal project team with solid artist(s). I want to jam this weekend, but don’t want to spend all weekend jamming. Hit me up and we can double time something small and knock it out :D.

Hi, I don’t seem to be able to PM you, I just wanted to register our team.

Team Name: Old Town Games
Members: 2

If everyone else looking for a last-minute team? I already got a tiny bit set up and I’m currently working (and will be untill 00:00 at least). If someone with a bit of experience in low-poly modelling or landscapes (must not be created inside UE!) that’d be great. I prefer working with BPs, but I could do some 3D stuff too.

Link to this months spreadsheet(s):

Victor’s Twitch playthrough

Thanks for posting that!

woohoo! Of course! :slight_smile:

We posted our project already, but I finally got up a Sketchfab model of our main character and a video, so I’m sharing that here. Had a blast! Wish we could enter these jams more frequently!

I was kind of rushed when I posted the project, because everything seems to go wrong right at the end, doesn’t it? So there were a few things I didn’t mention. The music and sound effects are royalty free, not our own. We did everything else. The story behind the game is the leshies are rolling snowballs down the mountain toward the village, and the polar bear mage has to prevent the village from being buried in snow by destroying the snowballs with his magic missiles. Once in a while a leshy will come down the mountain, and shooting him will melt the village’s snow. There is no victory, only lasting as long as you can.


And here’s the download link again.