Working on edits now! I mustve missed a couple :slight_smile: Sorry bout that!



We actually encourage you do the things listed above, let me check with legal on the wording there :slight_smile:

*–>"Submission may not depict nudity, animal cruelty, or illegal activity or
substance, or offensive or obscene subject matter as determined in
Sponsor’s sole discretion. "
→ " Submission shall not portray Epic Games, Inc. in a negative light. " *

Will a blowing up a building be considered any of the above ? Now that I’m curious…

Confirmed - changed to non-exclusive. POST AWAY!

LOL I guess it depends on the context, what kind of building and the details of the explosion if the building has any life form inside it or not. I mean, if the explosion is a demolition of an old empty building with no collateral damage I guess you can proceed. Otherwise consult with your moral side.

I couldn’t find the Jam T-Shirt photo on the shop, was it shown on the video? LOL

The detailed rules says: contest ends on December 14, 2014 at 12:00 AM EST…that would make it one minute after Saturday night 11:59pm…but the countdown timer says it’s until monday (assuming one minute after Sunday 11:59pm)…which is correct? or am I misunderstanding something?

Does this mean I can’t make a building called “Epic Games, Inc.” which is lit under a negative intensity light? Bummer

tell ‘Legal’ they can’t spell,
can’t tell time,
and need to learn & use proper sentence structure,
and they take all the FUN Out Of Life! hah :stuck_out_tongue:

in one part it reads as if I enter the contest, I can become disqualified & then I’m ineligible to enter the contest… ??? …huh? …derrr? …what??

well takes a lot of the FUN out of it, but I can understand, people these days are silly stupid & think they can sue you for anything just to try to make some quick money.

disclaimer: this may or may not have been written by the poster, ayretek. And does not reflect ayretek’s personal opinion and/or should not reflect upon Epic or Unreal Engine 4 in a bad light or in totally dark negative global illumination in any form for the entirety of eternity or until whenever! :cool:

Game Jam shirts won’t be on the shop - they’re still in Design / Print right now

Hey ChamagneRobot - there’s been some debate as to what to word the actual submission date as for clarification. To set the deadline straight - it is midnight the night of Sunday / Monday morning.

Hey ayretek - I’d love to get some more information about where discrepancies exist in the rules so we can ratify the problems. Feel free to show me where they are and I’ll work to get them fixed. As you’ve participated in the other jams, I’m sure you’ve got a pretty good grasp on how these things work :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see what you submit this time :cool:

That’s funny actually, because blowing up people, buildings, animals is pretty common in games :D.

Technically chopping people with axe or shooting them is illegal.

hiya chance,
yeah, I shouldn’t mess with anyone’s lawyers. lol

But not off to a good start this time, having some issues (real life type), but will see if I can get it together.

In my post, I was just joking around … But… since you asked, lol :
(it’s just in the way it’s worded)(maybe it’s just the way I read it, eh)

Any attempts to access the site, enter the Contest or via a bot script, device, or brute-force attack will result
in disqualification, including that IP address becoming ineligible for the entire Contest
(I think the first ‘or’ needs to go)(just read it w/o the first ‘or’)

(the Time was mentioned already)
(but I will apologize for the spelling one, I don’t see any mistakes now)

but true, I sorta know the rules & know ya’ll are very lenient with them, so we are good…

Loved it. It just came on time!


For those who missed the stream like me… where can we find the theme?

Hey AlejoS! Theme is listed above! - “What’s in the Box?”


I thought it ws jusat some cool title for the jam XD


Here’s my idea:

You’re a small child and the goal is to break out of you playpen and open / destroy the presents before you get caught.

Game jam December , What’s in the Box ? :rolleyes: a gift of course ! What’s on the chimney? A sock of course !