Decals on characters

Anyone tried doing a decal on a character mesh? By that I mean like in APB Reloaded for instance for tatto’s etc.

Does that kind of functionality work in UE (I know decals do, but I haven’t seen if they project onto skeletal meshes).

Just curious.

If you want tattoos it might be better to create some Texture Parameters (you could also create parameters that change the location and size) in your character’s Material and then change the Tattoo-Texture during runtime.
I think I’ve heard that Decals only really work on static meshes, but I think I’ve seen them affecting my skeletal meshes too.

When you’ve seen it on skeletal meshes, did the decal deform as the mesh animated? It may have been a bug though where the decal shouldn’t have even been able to affect the skeletal mesh but was being rendered on as a deferred decal. In that case the decal would probably not deform with the animation. I did read that only deferred decals on static surfaces were currently supported.

If it was in fact deforming though, that’s awesome. I’m interested in making my characters bloody when they get shot, and monsters get covered in blood as they attack things. Not entirely sure how feasible it is at the moment though.

Another thing you may have seen is bullet impact effects attaching themselves to the skeletal mesh and moving with the bone. They may not have been getting deformed either but they at least move around with the bone they’re attached to. I think this is how things like shock rifle impact effects worked last I checked. Those are short lived though and are basically at a small point so it’s not as noticeable if they don’t deform as nicely.