Decals not spawning in correctly.

I tried multiple types of decals. But when I put them in world normaly they show up corectly but once i spawn them in with a blueprint they arent textured so they just appear silver, Im unsure what to do to fix it or if it is just a viewport error.

are you using the material options “deferred decal” and “dbuffer with color, normals…”

It is on deffered decal.

and “Dbuffer Translucent with colors” option?

It is on ‘Translucent’

The decals are from UE4 marketplace and they seem to work properly until I spawn them in trough a blueprint.

in your project settings tick dbuffer on

and on your material match the following picture for decal blend mode

I did but the decal still just works like a mirror.

can u show the materials blueprint nodes u have??