Decals in blueprints

I was working on a complex model+decal details in blueprints but can’t seem to find a way to modify decal positioning live, rather have to edit the values manually. Is there any thoughts on implementing 3d handles on the decals in viewport editing mode? It would certainly help immensely and save time in these kind of cases, since rotations aren’t usually very obvious how they should be to get the correct placements.

There are Decal Component which is part of Decal Actor bouth accessible in blueprints.

It does work as a workaround though to create the asset in the main editor and combine it there to a blueprint.

I dont quite understand what you mean “as workaround”, you have to have scene component to being able to represent object in world. There are decal scene component, which is minimal requirement for decal in a world functionality, at least thats how i see it.

This is when creating dynamic decal details with the construction script i can add, and for that you can’t modify the 3d details in the viewport. If you use them as components you’ll have the ability to edit them in the viewport. There might be another way around this also if you can modify the components from the construction script.