Decals Channels

Are possible to implement Decals Channels?

I mean, you put a cross walk decal on a road, but that glitch when the foot of character is over that millimetre not show because the road is setup to respond to Decal Channel 1 and the Character is setup to Decal Channel 2?
Think about possibilities.

I requested about this time ago, to have different channels in Decals, since you need decals in the map but no in the player, but if you set the player to don’t receive decals then you can’t apply blood decals in the character etc etc

*But no reply

Exactly. That is the Point.

Must have feature.

I also would like this! I seem to recall seeing some Decal work mentioned on Trello recently. Hopefully this (or something equivalent) will make it into that.

+1 That would be really useful.

I haven’t tried, but couldn’t you just use the custom depth stencil channel for that ?

If you need this feature, then, please, upvote this thread!

Hey everyone,

There is currently a feature request, UE-16527, available for the improvement of the functionality of decals. Your request seems to be covered by the scope of this request. There is no guarantee that this feature will be implemented, however, as our developers are currently focusing their efforts on high-priority crash and showstopper bugs.

Have a great day!

That is very cool. Where we can read this feature request? Googling not helped.
I’ve read Roadmap, and it says “UE4 Roadmap added (DONE 4.13) Basic Support for Mesh decals to Rendering”.
Do you know what it actually means?

Finally. That is a good step.

Unfortunately there is no such issue in issue tracker: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-16527)

I took a look at it and the reason it’s not publicly visible is because that ticket also included some requests from the game teams that had confidential information in it. I’ll see if it’s ok to have that taken out. Sorry about that.

EDIT: Ok, I talked to some people and we’re gonna strip that small section out (literally one sentence) and then get it out there. Thanks for being patient while we fixed that!

EDIT EDIT: Live now :smiley:

Could you please add another item to that feature request?

  • Allow decals to be spawned on a translucent surface (such as bullet holes on glass, oil slick on water etc)

There were a few requests for this back in 2014 on AnswerHub that said it will be implemented, but I couldn’t find any updates on it (or any workarounds :(). If anyone knows of one I’d love to hear it! :slight_smile:


I’m guessing no news about this feature ?

anything yet?

Since 4.12 decal materials can access the custom stencil texture and use it to perform custom masking when the config variable “r.customdepth.order” is set to “0”.