Decals are coming out blurry?

I’m importing some white text to be used as a decal on a surface in Unreal. Right now, however, the words are pretty blurry, especially once you get a little ways back…is there a way to sharpen that up? Thanks!

The topic is quite old, but I have faced the same issue, my little decals are blurry, is there any way to sharpen them, decals are 1024x1024, just a signs on a mechanism, and even if you get close camera to it, it still blurry. Thanks for any tip of advice.

I had the same issue, couldn’t find any answear. In my case, turned out a singular decal’s axis had its scale (General settings for UE5) not established for exact value of 1 (f.e. the X axis value was 0,89776). After I fixed it, all the decals in the project are not blurry anymore.