Decal Not Appearing in the level

So im making a decal which look like this

now when i import it it got a warning like this

now when i apply at he level with deffered decal option it wont appear why is this happened and can you guys solved it?

P.S some of the bottom decals in the sign are taken from cg maybe its the one causing troubles

power of two → make sure that they are in a resolution that is in a power of two e.g 127x127, 512x512, 64x64,…
How do you create the decal + how does your material looks like? → Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Decals (Free Blood Pack) - YouTube :slight_smile:

so my decal resolution has to be exactly that? 127x127?

I understand now so both resolution have to have the same width and height is that correct?

Yep, that’s correct, because otherwise you wont be abel to use mip maps :wink: