Decal Fade Out not working?

Hi all! Material question here that is driving me nuts. So, I am trying to fade decals out after a short dealy (this feels like it should be extremely simple to do). So at first I tried the “set fade out” node which didn’t work. After some googling and reading the documentation (very poor documentation might I add) I found out that I had to add a “decal lifetime opacity” node to my decal material". So I did, but still no fade, they all just disappear instantly after the delay. I know I could just do a dynamic material, but that feels stupid when there is a built in function for it. Also i am trying to apply the effect to around 20 decals at the same time. I also found this twitter post…/status/1265096709622775809… that also mentions the lifetime opacity. Am i plugging it in the wrong way in the material editor? Anybody know what i am missing here? feels stupid on getting stuck on something that should be so simple to do. Appreciate any help :slight_smile: