Decal displacement doesn't work


I’m not aware if this is known issue, or a bug.
As you see, displacement is still being read from the landscape layer and decal displacement has no effect.
I’ve also posted on answerhub.…esnt-work.html

Thanks for the report, we have someone looking into the Answerhub post and they’ll follow up with you there.

Hey Alex, any updates on this feature in UE 3 years later? I followed up this question on answerhub and it just said sorry, the feature is not available in UE.
I +1 the need to have decals physically displacing the vertices of the mesh underneath in UE. I just tried adding a speed breaker decal to my road and it is completely flat which you know, defeats the purpose of a speed breaker lol

From what I read other engines are able to utilize the decal displacement just fine, just UE can’t do it. Please tell me this is in the works or already is in, as seeing the sheer complex computation the future release of UE5 can do (from the UE5 demo being able to handle billions of poly), modifying a surface’s vertex using decal shouldn’t be that heavy.

PLUS, people like me are using UE for cinematics and not games as I come from visual effects background which epic is heavily investing in.