Decal Application on "Movable" Objects question

Good evening all!

I had a quick question, I’m working on a game for my kids and have run into a headscratcher. I’ve got a slime decal, that as a projectile shot by the user impacts something the slime decal is applied to the surface of the object like it has splattered on it.

This works great for all “static” objects, however with anything that is “movable” the projectile makes contact but the decal is nowhere to be found. For example, a cube that is “static” works great when I hit it but when I simply switch it to “movable” it no longer works.

This is the same with characters, even when trying to place the decal on a character in the viewport the decal only applies to the camera component. I’ve attached an image showing this.

I’m new to this so I’m assuming it’s something fairly simple but I am lost. Thanks!