Debut marketplace release! Adaptive Audio Catalog - Music Asset Packs

Hi Everyone

We’re excited to introduce our music company - MNUMNTL - and present the new asset packs we have just launched in the Marketplace.

At MNUMNTL our focus is on creating adaptive, dynamic music that sounds 100% authentic, played by real musicians and recorded, mixed and mastered to the highest commercial standards.

Our first album comes in three tiers - Low Rider Essentials, Low Rider Anthems, and Low Rider Complete (to be released in September)

As the title suggests - these tracks are inspired by alternative culture, motorsports, road trips, open world exploration and sprawling urban environments.
The music is heavily influenced by our love of Grand Theft Auto, modified cars, Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and modern Bass Music.
These tracks offer many more uses and could really be used for anything you like - this is just what we had in mind when making them :slight_smile:

Here is a preview of Lowrider Anthems:

Click here to view in Marketplace

And Lowrider Essentials:

Click here to view in Marketplace

(Lowrider essentials is the entry level product, with Lowrider Anthems the full adaptive package. Lowrider Complete will include even more variations and options)

Having looked at the other albums on the marketplace, we feel that our adaptive music products are offering something different to those we have seen. Lowrider Anthems Key features are:

  • Multiple full length versions of each track - Main version, Background version, Atmospheric Version, Remix Version
  • All meta data included. Key, BPM, Bars, Tempo, Length, Seamlessly Loop-able (Y/N), Time Signature, all information included
  • Multiple intros of each track
  • Multiple Main A section loops of each track
  • Multiple breakdowns of each track
  • Multiple Endings of each track
  • Loop-able alternate B sections of each track
  • Atmospheric drones for each track
  • Long SFX transitions for each track
  • Short SFX stings for each track

There are over 150 music files in this pack, with 90% of them being seamless loops. All music cues are included and organised into easily navigated folders (375 cues in total)
With all these elements, it is possible to create truly adaptive music that changes dynamically with your game play in infinitely different ways.

If you need information on how to implement adaptive audio in your development, there are many solutions for creating adaptive audio found by searching in the forums here.
We will also be launching our own adaptive audio plugin for UE later in the year.

We welcome all feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on this album. At MNUMTNL we have many more asset packs currently being developed with release dates planned for 3rd and 4th Q 2021, covering a wide range of different genres and themes.

Are there any music assets you feel are missing in the Marketplace? Let us know and we will start working on it :slight_smile: