Debugging the mycharacter blueprint

Hey is there any reason why I can see my script triggering in the My Character blueprint? Is there any way to get it working, as I’ve got some complicated script in there now and its getting hard to debug without seeing what’s going on.


Hi ,

Once you have started playing or simulating, go back to the blueprint editor and click on the Debug Filter combo box on the toolbar. It should list all of the instances for your blueprint, and you can pick one to debug it.

From then on, you’ll see the execution wire highlighting/etc… for that instance of your blueprint.



thank you loads!! That makes things a lot easier


Is there a way to have this filter automatically set when starting simulation? When working on character blueprint I have to manually set it every time

I second laggyluk’s question. Usualy in dropdown list in debug filer I have only once instance of my BP, why dont have it selected by default ?

nothing yet, i look in the state machine but it is normal. I do not understand many about BP but i think that is not over there. If you have other solution reply, or if you need that i sending for you my project i make this, so i’m very happy for you replying.

Same problem here, the character blueprint doesn’t automatically set the debug filter. I have to set it after I hit play every time.