Debugging inside Visual Studio 2017

Hello guys,

I have been having some problems with debugging in Visual Studio 2017.
I can get the debugger to work by attaching to the unreal engine instance, and then playing the map.
However, when I change the code somehow, the breakpoints won’t be able to get hit anymore until I restart both Visual Studio and Unreal Engine.
I can still debug of course, but it’s really frustrating to have to reload both tools a billion times over in one day.
Also the thing is that whenever I restart everything, Visual Studio will redownload all the symbol files for debugging which also takes forever.
Is there any solution for this?

Thanks for your help,
King regards

Build in DebugGame Editor configuration.
Start UEditor instance from Visual Studio (Debug - Start new instance).

Yes, but that solution has to start every time UEditor. Isn’t there any other way to attach to an already instance of UE? Making changes in the code and having to start each time UEditor is really a very slow way of working. I’ve put UEditor in SDD hard drives, but even 30 seconds of loading is much if you have just to fine tune some C++ changes.

Thank you so much YuriNK, this has already made my debugging process significantly faster, though it is still slow. Like yakumoklesk asked, is there any way that’s even better?

Any improvement? It’s soooo slooooow :frowning:

If you aren’t changing headers, use the compile button on the editor UI to recompile the C++ code without restarting. It works (most of the time). If you change a header, you can try but I don’t trust it. If you don’t have a SSD it helps a lot with compile and startup times.