Debugging Blueprints

Hello world !

I’ve a question for you. In c++ developping you can debug your scripts with visual studio.
My question : there is some option un Unreal Engine to debug blueprints in the same way ?

Thanks to all :slight_smile:

Breakpoints! Not as powerful as C++ but good anyway (you can preview variable values as well).

Right-click a node and select “toggle breakpoint”. Execution will stop at this node and you’ll be able to navigate between code frame executions :slight_smile:

There is also a Blueprint Debugger (Window->Developer Tools->Blueprint Debugger). Here you can see the Call Stack and Execution Flow. Very handy when you want to figure out who called a specific function.

Thank you so much guys. The two ways are very usefull, i’ve tried this solutions and is working perfectly even if it’s not powerful as debugging tools in Visual Studio !!! Thanks again !!!