Debugger does not stop at break points in Event Graph

Hi together,

I am pretty new to UE4 but I really love it! Hope I am not asking a really stupid question but I got stucked now.
My Actor’s EventGraph’s execution does not stop when I add a breakpoint at any graph node. I added an OnClicked-Node to my Actor’s EventGraph and added breakpoints to each node in the Actor’s EventGraph after the OnClicked-Node but it never stops when I click on the Actor in debugging mode.

The OnClicked-Event is triggered and the EventGraph is executed. I see the result in the Game Preview when I click the Actor but the execution does not stop.

Can someone please help me? Do I have to do additional debugger settings?

Note: I forgot to mention that I also selected my ActorClass in the DebugFilter dropdown box. I am using Version 4.7.6.

Thank you in advance!