DebugCamera while in Paused Game?


Is there a way to allow movement of the DebugCamera (accessed via Apostrophe-key followed by Tab-key) while the game is set to “Set Game Paused - True”?


This should unlock actor on pause:

This function is binded to blueprint so you should able to use it. Now this only makes object tick on pause which in theory should make actor movment code work in pause, there might be other locks, components have same function you might need to do sets on them too. I checked player controller and i didn’t find much other then argument in control processing function that game is paused and pause requesting to server


Yeah, not sure what I would apply that to. Controller or Pawn doesn’t help. Probably because the DebugCamera is another Pawn or something. :frowning:

Then create your own camera pawn and apply that set tickable movement component :stuck_out_tongue: if it wont effect it then it has something in input code in PlayerController which probably can’t be fixed outside C++

Yes, this is possible. What we had to do was:


  • Set PrimaryComponentTick.bTickEvenWhenPaused = true; in the constructor
  • Replace all uses of ()->GetTimeSeconds() with ()->GetRealTimeSeconds()


  • Set PrimaryComponentTick.bTickEvenWhenPaused = true; in the constructor