Debug mode, start session on server causes that client destroys his level


I think this happens to everybody, this is the second time I create a game with session, and happens the same in different proyects.


  1. create a level, create a widget with 1 button, “start server” nothing to fancy

  2. On start server, add a “Create Session” node, on success navigate to other level (previously created)

let´s stop there… debug by opening 2 instances on “new Editor windows - PIE”
2 windows will pop up, a server and a client. Both will have the button to create server.

  1. In server windows ONLY, press “Create Session”.

And here the issue, client window will destroy level, destroying widgets and everything…

Why this happens? and how can be avoided?
BTW, this happens while debuggin only, when shipped works perfectly fine.

I just found the solution to the issue by lucky shoot.

There is a setting under Map and Modes that says “Game Default Map”.
By default it points to a level called “Entry” which is completely black.


If you assign again your entry point map, it will solve the issue.

Hope this helps somebody else.