Debug Message not Showing in PIE

Recently decided to try out UE4 and since I’m new I decided to follow this (2.1 - Making a New Character | Unreal Engine Documentation) tutorial. I’m not planning on making a first person shooter but I thought this would be a good place to start since I’m new. I followed this tutorial and saw a couple of things that were different from the current version of UE4 (such as GameMode.cpp being named GameModeBase.cpp in my version). Im not sure if this makes a difference in the coding but anyways, In the link I gave I followed all previous steps correctly to get to that part. But even though I followed all the steps correctly, when I tried to print the red debug message on screen, it wouldnt show up. The first debug message in yellow text appears but the red one does not seem to show. Is there any sort of problem due to the fact that the tutorial may be old and does not work with the current version of UE4? If it is, can somebody show me the correction to this, maybe by following the steps and then finding a solution? Thanks. (Also I am currently running UE4 4.15.2)

Try adding this to DefaultEngine.ini, I’ve had random cases where somehow it get’s turned off. Especially when using the gameplay debugger.


In your case, it might just be that the code is never being called. Drop a breakpoint in and find out.