Debug Game Editor and devlopemt editor difference

Hello every one…

I want to know what is the difference in using the debug game editor and the development editor while compiling from VS 2013.

I am a programmer but I have used only Development Editor tell now. What are the advantage of using the Debug Game Editor and how should I use it?

Debug Game Editor compiles the project with debug symbols enabled for the Game code but not the Editor, Development Editor compiles the project with debug symbols turned off (at least that’s my understanding of these).

More specifically, DebugGame will compile the game modules with debug information but not the engine modules.

Which modules are built depends on your target – just “DebugGame” for instance is the standalone game and will not include editor modules.


For me, on unrealtournament for example, the DEBUG symbol are on, I can trace everywhere using Development Editor, I looked in the project and NDEBUG=1, but since its builded by UnrealBuildTools, it’s also getting info from somewhere else also.

Why I can debug with release? it make no sense :), I did not change or add debug symbol in the project, was already there, maybe the doc is not correct about it? or someone in the git put the debug on and nobody noticed

It’s not a binary choice between ‘Debug’ and ‘Release’. There are heaps of compiler options relating to debug information and optimizations. Development is essentially a compromise - decent performance but with debug symbols generated too. The disadvantage is that because of optimizations, sometimes stepping through code in the debugger won’t follow the source code in the order you’d expect, and some variable values will be unavailable or incorrect.

I work with DebugGameEditor pretty much exclusively, the performance difference is going to be negligible (for development purposes) in 99% of cases.

Also if you use Debug, you’ll have less-optimized but easier to debug code. Variables won’t be optimized away as often etc.